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  • How do I use it?
    Simply place the saltpipe into the mouth and start inhaling normally, exhaling through the nose. Breathing has to be done with normal intensity. Forced breathing is unnecessary and should be avoided. It is recommended to use the device for 15-25 minutes daily, but the duration of the treatment can be raised up to 1-2 hours per day. In order to achieve better results, the device should be used continuously and not at odd times.
  • What is the small rubber valve on the Cisca Saltpipe
    The little rubber valve on the top of the Saltpipe is a back-strike valve, which functions when someone does not exhales through the nose, but blows the air back into the Cisca Saltpipe; the valve strikes back, blocks the way of air towards the pipe, this way protecting it from humidity and vapour. Please do not peel it off. If the valve comes off from the hole, there are 2 alternative simple ways to continue using the pipe. First, you can use put it back on by using Cellotape® to stick it back on the round end at the same position. Secondly, if you cannot find where your plastic valve is, you can use your finger tip to close the hole when you inhale the air in.
  • Is the salt inside the pipe similar to table salt?
    No, the salt inside the Cisca Saltpipe is pure Halite mineral Salt crystal formed in middle miocene. This kind of salt crystals has been subjected to enormous pressure over millions of years. The pressure is responsible for creating the salt crystals. The higher the amount of pressure the more superior or excellent the state of order within the crystalline structure.
  • How big is the Cisca Saltpipe
    The Cisca Saltpipe is a small palm size which is relatively the same size as mobile phone. It is very handy and easy to take with you everywhere. The weight of the Cisca Saltpipe is only 280 grams.
  • Do we need to replace salt inside Cisca Saltpipe
    The Cisca Saltpipe lasts for 5 years which was calculated for 15-20 minutes of usage daily. It is a single piece saltpipe contains 50 grams of crystal salt which lasts for 5 years. After 5 years we recommend to get a new saltpipe in order to get the most out of it. It's great value for money and no hassle to find salt to replace or refill. The Cisca Easy lasts for 6months to 1 year
  • Do we have to use the Cisca Saltpipe everyday? Can we use it more than one time a day?
    The saltpipe can produce beneficial effects if you use it regularly. As we usually draw analogy to our customers that we clean ourselves externally everyday when we wake up or go to bed but we have not had chance to clean our breathing system. Saltpipe is designed to purify your breathing and if you clean it everyday, your condition can get better. Also, saltpipe can be used more than once a day because it is just a natural salt air. The more you use it, you may find your breathing problem, sore throat, coughing become less.
  • Do we have to use the Saltpipe all in one go for 15 to 20 minutes a day? Can we split the time?
    It is not necessary that we have to use the saltpipe all in one go especially in our present busy life style. We can make an allotment of time to use the saltpipe. For example, 5 minutes in the morning, 5 minutes during the break and so on. You can use the saltpipe in some activity such as watching TV, listening to the radio or even using internet.
  • The box says that we can use some essential oil with the Cisca Saltpipefor aromotherapy? How?
    To use essential oil together with Cisca Saltpipe, it is very simple. Just put essential oil on your finger tip and rub your fingers together, then rub your finger on the filter underneath the pipe. You can breath the essential oil when you breath in. Using the essential oil is good for people like to use the pipe through the nostril because the oil will help to take a breath easier.
  • Are there any medicines which cannot be used in conjunction with the salt pipe ?
    The Saltpipe can be used with any medicine. Since it only contains natural salt-crystals collected from different salt-caves, it does not have any side effects.
  • Can Saltpipe be used by patients suffering from thyroidgland malfunctioningand kidney problems ?
    Yes, although it contains iodine, it's such a small amount that during inhalation and cannot cause harm to these patients.
  • Can Saltpipe be used in case of High Blood Pressure ?
    Yes, because it evaporates during inhalation, the amount of salt that gets into the body does not affect blood pressure and is only similar to inhaling sea air.
  • Can Pregnant women use Saltpipe ?
    Yes, it can be used by everyone, since it contains only pure salt crystals collected from European salt caves.
  • At what age can children start using Saltpipe ?
    Our youngest children were 2 and a half years old. Saltpipe could be safely used by younger ones too, but the most important thing is to teach the kids to inhale through the mouth and exhale through the nose. It might be a little tricky to explain this to younger children.
  • Why do we have to exhale through the nose ?
    When we are using the Saltpipe we have to inhale through the mouth, and blow the air out through the nose. (Take care to breathe normally, gently and not too deeply) This is very important, because this is the only way that the salt-crystal-mixture can reach the upper respiratory tracts (maxillary sinus) and that's how it cleans the whole breathing system.
  • Can the Saltpipe be used to clear the nose if I have sinus problem ?
    Yes you can. With the special design of the mouth piece, you can also inhale the air through the nose to help cleaning the nasal cavity. Just place the pipe to one nostril and do not need to close another one inhale through the nose and exhale out through the mouth or nose.
  • Is the Cisca Saltpipe Clinically tested ?
    Yes, it was tested in several medical institution in Hungary and the Cisca Saltpipe is the only saltpipe in the market that medically registered as Medical Device Class IIa.
  • What do we have to protect the Saltpipe from ?
    We have to protect the Saltpipe from humidity and vapours so it's not recommended to store it in the bathroom or kitchen. We should also avoid dropping it into water because this way the salt crystals stick together and the instrument gets damaged.
  • How do you clean the Saltpipe instrument ?
    Clean the device with slightly damp cloth only on the outside of the device. Water must not get into the salt pipe itself.
  • Why does the Cisca no longer offer 100% money back guarantee
    Because we would like to give the confidence to our customers that we do not resell the used pipes. In the past we offered this guarantee and had several enquiries asking about this. Therefore, Cisca decided to no longer offer 30 day money back guarantee.
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