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How does the SaltPipe start ?

The saltpipe derives from an ancient natural salt treatment which has been used for decades for treating respiratory problems. During the WWII, residents of a German city of Ennepetal were using Klutert cave as a bomb shelter. Amazingly, they found that they were coughing considerably less and breathing easier with each air raid. Later on it was confirmed by scientists that many of those using the cave as a bomb shelter were indeed cured of their asthma, chronic bronchitis, and other diseases of the respiratory tract. The healthy individuals hiding in that cave had strengthened their immunity and stopped catching colds. Europeans have long had the advantage of special clinics in salt caves to help alleviate their breathing problems. This method has been named "Speleotherapy."

Scientists developed the medical device called a halogenerator, or Microclimate aerosol chamber. The modern Microclimate Aerosol Chamber uses state of the art technology to completely reproduce the atmosphere of the clinics located in salt caves or in special mines, and it has a monitored therapeutic microclimate. Air with low concentrations of curative NaCl (salt) is ionized and saturated with a natural substance.

Doctors have noted that "thousands of patients have been successfully treated by this method. After taking the Halotherapy treatments their breathing becomes easier. Symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, and shortnes of breath are alleviated and patients may no longer have to take large amounts of prescription medications."
Parents with concerns about the use of prescription medicine on their children will be glad to know that medical research has shown "Halotherapy can be one of the most effective in children as they respond exceptionally well to any kind of natural treatment"(see reference). Halotherapy has passed many clinical trials in Europe, Russia, and Canada, and has been found to be a safe and effective, drug-free method for treatment of respiratory diseases. The Halotherapy belongs to the category of the physical therapies non-drug and non invasive treatments of diseases. In the former Soviet Union, medical researchers engaged in a concerted effort to develop physical therapies in order to avoid the costs and side effects of drug therapy as well as microbial and tumour resistance. Russia has become the world leader in developing and testing new and increasingly effective physical therapies. Many of the clinical trials have focused on Halotherapy as a treatment of asthma and chronic bronchitis and also very effective as a main or adjuvant therapy across the entire range of upper and lower respiratory tract diseases. Very well known and appreciated in these middle-eastern European countries, this therapy is covered by the public health care system. In Romania there are also many salt lakes - Sovata with 7 salt lakes, Ocna Sibiului with 52 salt lakes in S-W of Transilvania, very well known in the treatment of infertility, metabolic diseases,skin diseases. These salt lakes were usually formed by collapsing of salt caves ceilings. All these salt lakes have different salinity, increasing with deepness – from 9g/l to 320g/l.


From Salt Therapy to Saltpipe

Going to the salt-chamber (halochamber) or salt mine is inaccessible for everyone. Even though there has been some inventions about how to make the device for inhaling salty air such as Areosal, Mr. Imre Bekefi and Mr. Laszlo Budai from Hungary successlly invented the first saltpipe in the world in 2002. They both had been subjected to asthma and allergy. They used the Salt-Chamber and visit Salt caves several times to treat the illness but without regularly basis, it is difficult to get rid of this problem. Also, visiting salt caves and halo chamber ar costly and time consuming. Inventing the Saltpipe is great success that they can obtain the treatment at homes. Saltpipe now has become one of the natural devices in Halotherapy providing the salty air through a handy ceramic container.


“Two men, from Budapest, invented a Saltpipe which is filled with minerals, mined from salt-caves.
László Budai (38) & Imre Békefi (40) both swear on it! The saltpipe helps in case of allergies or cold the same way as the salt caverns, but without the need of traveling day by day.
They draw experience from their own sources, 'cause formerly both suffered from allergies.
- Everybody knows that salt caverns and the fresh salty sea breeze clean the lungs. But! You have to thake a trip for that. I myself traveled many times with my family for the same reason when my allergies stood forth - remembers Mr. László Budai - Then I realized that we could "store" the same materials at home.
And that's how the idea of the Saltpipe came. His inventor partner, Mr. Imre Békefi was suffering from asthmatic symptoms. They combined forces and together developed the small ceramic pipe it is called Sopipa known in English as Saltpipe.
- I could hardy work then, since I couldn't breathe - says Mr. Békefi. The
small, palm-size appliance contains assorted salt crystals from the most famous healing caverns of Europe, and these 20-22 millions of years old materials reach the most hidden corners of the respiratory system and there dissolve all the crusts, sediments and regenerate the whole breathing system. As soon as I started to use the pipe, my allergy - with mild symptoms - for the hazelbush, has disappeared. My eyes are weeping from the ragweed for 2 weeks the most instead of the formerly extant 3 months. But of course we cannot avoid the pollens of the ragweed, which goes through everything. In order to prevent allergies, the best thing to do is to continuously as cleaning the body.
According to the inventors the pipe also helps in case of having cold, because some of the salt crystals kill bacteria. The best is, to start using the pipe as a preventive utensil before the illness could evolve.”

The Saltpipe in UK - Cisca Saltpipe

Saltpipe is an original patented product known as Cisca Saltpipe. Not too many know in UK know about salt therapy, halotherapy or speleotherapy and saltpipe since now. The first piece of The Saltpipe in UK which the name on the box is Hungarian language called "SOPIPA" was used by Prof. Jakab who become the UK distribtutor of this saltpipe. The product itself in fact has known for 2 years in Europe. Prof. Jakab accidentally found this product in Christmas time when he went to visit his family in Hungary. He had no asthma problem but with his jobs for coaching related to using voice for teaching fencers, he had problems with stubburn coughing. He went to see many of doctors and the cough still persisted. One of his close friend advice him to get this saltpipe and at first reaction as normal people who have not known this device, he was hesitated and his friend tried very hard to convince him to buy and use it. Eventually, when he got back to UK and still using this saltpipe, his coughing was lessen and now disappear. Before he decided to promote the saltpipe, he had an opportunity to know the inventors of the saltpipe. So, he decided that he would like to give the same benefit what he got to many of people who may have the same problem or suffering from respiratory problems. That is the reason why we see "Saltpipe" here. He said "My aim is wanting to help and I would like to offer the alternative way for the people. I hope the saltpipe can help people more or less."

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