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Delivery Options
Country Mailing Approx time Price
1st Class
1-2 days


1st Class record
1-2 days


International Airmail 7-15 days For USA and Europe
10-20 days Others Countries
Airsure 5-7 days For
1. Andorra. 11. Denmark. 21. Liechtenstein.
2. Azores (Portugal). 12. Madeira (Portugal). 22. Luxembourg.
3. Austria. 13. Estonia. 23. Malaysia.
4. Balearic Islands (Spain). 14. Monaco (France). 24. Netherlands.
5. Belgium. 15. Finland. 25. New Zealand.
6. Canary Islands (Spain). 16. France. 26. Portugal.
7. Brazil. 17. Germany. 27. Singapore.
8. Corsica (France). 18. Hong Kong. 28. Spain.
9. Canada. 19. Iceland. 29. Sweden.
10. Faroe Islands (Denmark). 20. Irish Republic. 30. Switzerland.
31. USA.
7-15 days The rest of the world
Compare Saltpipes
Original Saltpipe
Easy Saltpipe
Easy Saltpipe
Material Ceramic Ceramic Plastic
Life-Span 5 Years 5 Years 6 Months
Shape Normal Elephant Normal
Safety Valve Yes Yes No
Salt 50g 50g 15g
Refillable No No No
Colour Code Yes Yes Yes (Blue Only)
CE Mark Yes Yes Yes
Cost £26.99 £26.99 £14.99
Call Now:+44 (0)191 3734 425

Order Online

With various copycat salt pipes on the market, make sure you get a genuine model. Buy from Cisca direct today and you can be sure that you're getting the genuine Saltpipe®. On top of that, every Cisca Saltpipe comes complete with Halite salt so everything you need is included in the price.

We accept a wide variety of payment methods including Visa, Mastercard and PayPal. This is done through a secure connection with our partners at RomanCart and Sagepay who use the latest SSL security to ensure your details are safe when shopping with Cisca.

However, should you wish to order via phone or post then those options are also available. Give us a ring on +44 (0)191 3734 425 or download the order form above. If you wish to place a bulk order for wholesale, trade or dropship then please do get in touch with use.

As well as being available direct, you can pick up one of out saltpipes in selected stores including Holland & Barrett. International orders are available online and rates are provided by XE.com

  • Cisca Saltpipe (Salipipe)


    Cisca Saltpipe
    • The original salt inhaler
    • Original Patented design
    • Porcelain made
    • Contains 50g crystal salt
    • No refill required
    • Lasting up to 5 years
  • Elipipe


    Cisca Elipipe
    • Elephant shape design
    • Porcelain made
    • Contains 50g of crystal salt
    • No refill required
    • Lasting up to 5 years
  • Easy Saltpipe


    Cisca Easy Saltpipe
    • Lightweight & unbreakable
    • Plastic made
    • Contains 15g of crystal salt
    • No refill required
    • Lasting up to 6 months


"I have been taking the Cisca Saltpipe as you said, I feel so much better. My breathing has improved considerably, I feel better each day. I can do so many things now, that weeks ago would have been impossible. I know it is thanks to the Cisca Saltpipe."

–Mrs. G Langley — Brixham, UK

"Both idea & ways of construction are the first class-world standard. I and my patients' experiences proved the use of Salt pipe is absolutely effective. I strongly suggest to use the Satlpipe on a regular daily basis in every case - without exception."

–László Béky — Natural healing practitioner

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